Montana GOLD True Tone Color Swatch

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This updated version of the Montana GOLD True Tone Color Chart includes the newly released Montana GOLD colors, and the new Effect coatings like the METALLIC tones and GLASS Paint range. This premium tool enables artists and creative professionals to make accurate color choices with optimal results in the development and conception stages of their work. Covering the full Montana GOLD range, Montana TECH, and EFFECT sprays, the swatch is practical and concise in a format that is handy to use in any context. Packaged in a recyclable cardboard box to swatch is protected from direct sunlight to extend its lifespan. - 87 pages on coated card- All GOLD colors as true tones - Shows lightfastness and level of coverage per color tone - Provides information on pigments used plus CMYK simulation values per color - Additional blank pages for personal notes Size swatch book: 52mm x 185mm x 28mm Packed Size: 56mm x 188mm x 34mm.



This is a Montana GOLD True Tone Color Chart. Although every effort has been made to check, mix and print colors as close to the original as possible, printing and paper limitations may create slight variations from the actual color. It is always recommended to test spray and compare colors in advance. Montana GOLD has a semi-matt, to satin finish that may vary from color to color depending on the pigments used. Montana GOLD is an independent color system without any relation to other color systems like RAL or PANTONE. The colors in this guide may change subject to its exposure to the elements. To minimize fading or color change, avoid prolonged exposure to UV light. This guide should be replaced periodically to maintain color accuracy.